Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The panel... coming soon

Things are starting to fall into place.  This week Stein Air shipped us the panel, it should arrive this Friday (10/14/16).  This and the seats are the last two items we need to get this bird in the air.  

Some specs on the panel:

The goal was keeping it simple, but IFR legal as well:
Single 10' Dynon Skyview 
Garmin GTN 650
Dynon autopilot, radio, and intercom
Chart box on the right side
Aux input, USB charging etc..

I`m probably leaving some things off, but that is the basic layout.

All boxed up on the way to North Georgia!!

I must say Stein has been incredibly responsive and professional.  We went back and forth a lot over the build of the panel and their experience was really helpful in deciding what to use for our panel.  I am excited to see this thing in person and install it in the airplane.

I`m trying to keep my excitement in check...90% there, 90% to go... But it feels like were close to getting this thing in the air!

Stay tuned...

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