Tuesday, July 12, 2016

RV 14 moves to its home base!!

This week the RV was transported from the shop to its home base in North Georgia.  We are excited to continue with final assembly.  The next step is getting the panel from Stein, we are in the planning stages with the layout right now.

Paint update

This update includes the accent paint for the fuselage and tail group.  We are using the Vans factory scheme and changing the colors to red and black.  The paint turned out awesome and the airplane is looking great.
Aircraft back in paint booth , prep and mask off for black paint

Un mask black and re mask for Flight Red

Un mask black and re mask for Flight Red

Reassemble the tail section to check alignment of stripe lines. All looks good . Tail group will be removed for transport to airport for final assembly.

Great looking paint makes a beautiful airplane!