Monday, December 30, 2013

Right tip all clecoed  up.

I am very pleased with the gap.
Sure goes together fast, compared to a wing!

Got started on the horizontal stabilizer.
Rather pleased with the results of the tip lighting project!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deviating from the plans!  Rather than having ugly pop rivets visible on my wingtips, I decided to epoxy the tip rib into place.  I will then add a strip of fiberglass over the flange, and onto the inside of the tip.
Whelen LED Position/Strobe light in position.
Lightweight auto parts store  universal rear view mirror
material will add efficiency to the nab/strobe lights.

Left tip nutplates are installed.

Countersinking fiberglass is not my favorite thing.
That's right, the nutplates are on the wrong side....just for drilling the rivet holes.  There are 40 something nutplates per wingtip, 3 holes per nutplate.  That's a lot of drilling and countersinking!   Dulled some tools for sure!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wingtip day

 Wingtip day.  Got tired of riveting, so decided to fool with the left tip today.  First I trimmed the flanges, as directed by the instructions.  Next I rigged the aileron to neutral, taped the tip on, and snugged it up with a strap.

When I was satisfied that everything was positioned perfectly, I drilled and clecoed each hole.  I started at the trailing edge, and worked forward, alternating between top and bottom.  Im very pleased with the gap!

Next I marked the areas that flexed too much once attached to the wing.  Stiffeners will be added  inside for some lightweight strength.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bottom skins go on.  Careful around the flap hinges!
Close to finishing the wings!

Wiring for lights and autopilot components.

The top skins turned out nice, due to Rob's skill with the gun.
Right Landing light and lens are in!

Me on the bucking bar, Rob on the gun!

It was strapped down better than it looks!

Picking up the Tail kit (Older photo)