Friday, October 11, 2013

Right leading edge done!
 Big surgery coming up Monday.  Progress will halt for a while on the project.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!
The landing light bay.
Builder self portrait.
Decided to start on the Right Leading edge while awaiting rear spar parts.

Time to fess up.  My biggest mistake of the build so far.  I was on such a roll, I forgot the drawings show only the Left wing components.  Failing to pay enough attention to inverting the image in my mind to the mirror image, I did a beautiful job of riveting the critical doublers at the root backwards!  Not willing to accept drilled out holes in this important component, I ordered a new rear spar, and both doublers from Vans!  Dumb!

Right wing coming along.
Rear spar clecoed on for match drilling.

This one really threw me.  The aileron Jig seemed wrong.  The top skin and the aileron did not line up straight!  Research on Vans Air Force revealed that this IS correct.  The Flaps and Ailerons are reflexed up on this aircraft for reduced drag.  Reminds me of the Maule M7 I used to fly that had "Negative Flaps!"