Friday, August 12, 2016

The RV has its wings!

It has been a few weeks since I have posted an update, but the work has continued.  

On July 26th we hung the wings on the RV.  One interesting observation is just how close the tolerance is on the spar and wing attach points.  We had a single layer of primer on the spar and just that thickness was enough to make the wing not fit.  After cleaning the primer off and some creative movements, we were able to get the wings in place.  Thanks go out to Allen and his family all of which were involved in this big day.  As well as airport neighbor and RV-6 owner/builder Mike Fitzpatrick for his help with hanging the wings.  

Since these photos, the wingtips and landing light lenses have been installed as well

We are now working on the interior, we had to figure out the dimensions of the foam for the seats.  I got to climb in and help fit the foam.  

Stein is working hard on the panel.  With any luck we will have our panel either late August or early September.  Another airport neighbor is working on our custom leather interior, which should be done by this time as well. 

I was able to do some transition training in Mike`s RV-6 this past week as well.  Until then, I had only flown in Allen`s -8 for half an hour or so.  We shot probably a dozen landings in the -6, both at our home grass strip and at a local county airport.  I love how the -6 handles, very responsive and predictable.  It just makes me even more excited about flying the -14.  I know its going to be a great airplane! 

The finish line is getting closer... Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks a lot! It really has come out nice. Good luck with your build!