Monday, March 28, 2016

Cowling.. Pants. Farings

The finishing kit is coming together now.  Van`s should be shipping our firewall forward kit this week. 

                                      Installing hinge closures to gear leg fairings

 Fitting gear leg and wheel faring and top and bottom intersection faring to fuselage.

 Molding the intersection fairings to wheel fairings and fuselage with epoxy and cotton flox after applying release agent

                  Final trimming and fitting after nut-plates and capture nuts are installed

                          High solid urethane paint is applied to inside of cowling 

                                         Remaining interior parts are painted

Cowling gets first coat of epoxy sanding primer then is block sanded ,pinholes filled , 2nd coat of primer and 2nd block sand . Ready for paint
 Landing gear parts get first coat of sanding primer after all are sanded and de glazed 

Pin hole city ,,, all of the gear fiberglass parts received a total skim coat of epoxy micro mix and were sanded after cure then back for a second coat of sanding primer . Painting is 95% prep work

     Cowling gets Painted with White base-coat

Cowling installed on the aircraft , the next step will be to apply the red and black . We will be using the factory layout but with white, red and black instead of white , blue and black

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wheel Pants and Cowling work

Fitting the wheel fairings together and making initial cuts

 Leveling the aircraft for wheel fairing fitting

Fairings are fitted and ready for final drilling

Air inlet ramps are fitted to top cowling

Air inlet ramps are glued in place and edges are molded and feathered with epoxy micro mix

Oil door is fitted and installed