Monday, February 6, 2017

Finally...The first flight

Another RV-14 is in the air! On Saturday the 4th we flew our -14 for the first time.  The airplane handled great and preformed as expected.  

No trim was required, it flies hands off which is amazing.  We ran the flaps down and stalled the airplane, very docile, easy to recover stall speed was 48MPH!  At 2,400 RPM we were seeing 150MPH.  It really is something that the airplane will fly that slow and top out at 200MPH, quite an envelope.   

Here is a little background about the build and the airplane...

The airplane has the IO-390 Lycoming mated to a Hartzell prop.  This combination is really sweet, the airplane wastes no time getting off the ground on the take off roll. The panel was built by Stein and features a Dynon Skyview and a Garmin GTN 650.  This panel has an impressive amount to features I am excited to learn about.  I plan on earning my instrument rating in the RV this Spring.  

The airplane is based at a private grass strip in the North Georgia mountains.  I will be excited to fly off the 40 hour test phase to start exploring the country in this great machine.  

Well done on this design Vans. Now I understand why there are so many of these airplanes flying.  I am excited to learn more about this airplane and enjoy it for years to come. 

Subsequent flights went well, very few minor squaks to work through, thats what the 40 hour test phase is all about. I will continue to update this blog with stories and pictures of the adventures we have with this beautiful airplane!

Just above our grass strip.  North Georgia is a beautiful place to fly! The photo ship/chase plane was Allen in his RV-8, with another RV pilot, Mike behind the lens.  With time we will do some closer formation and get some good air to air shots.  

Great shot of the -14 just before the flight
Myself and Mike just after the maiden flight!

Custom leather interior is very comfortable.  Nice place to be!

Not much to it, but this panel is so smart.  I cannot wait to learn how to use these instruments to their full potential. 

Its all in the details.  The "No Step" decal disappears when the fowler flap is up.