Monday, December 30, 2013

Right tip all clecoed  up.

I am very pleased with the gap.
Sure goes together fast, compared to a wing!

Got started on the horizontal stabilizer.
Rather pleased with the results of the tip lighting project!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Deviating from the plans!  Rather than having ugly pop rivets visible on my wingtips, I decided to epoxy the tip rib into place.  I will then add a strip of fiberglass over the flange, and onto the inside of the tip.
Whelen LED Position/Strobe light in position.
Lightweight auto parts store  universal rear view mirror
material will add efficiency to the nab/strobe lights.

Left tip nutplates are installed.

Countersinking fiberglass is not my favorite thing.
That's right, the nutplates are on the wrong side....just for drilling the rivet holes.  There are 40 something nutplates per wingtip, 3 holes per nutplate.  That's a lot of drilling and countersinking!   Dulled some tools for sure!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wingtip day

 Wingtip day.  Got tired of riveting, so decided to fool with the left tip today.  First I trimmed the flanges, as directed by the instructions.  Next I rigged the aileron to neutral, taped the tip on, and snugged it up with a strap.

When I was satisfied that everything was positioned perfectly, I drilled and clecoed each hole.  I started at the trailing edge, and worked forward, alternating between top and bottom.  Im very pleased with the gap!

Next I marked the areas that flexed too much once attached to the wing.  Stiffeners will be added  inside for some lightweight strength.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bottom skins go on.  Careful around the flap hinges!
Close to finishing the wings!

Wiring for lights and autopilot components.

The top skins turned out nice, due to Rob's skill with the gun.
Right Landing light and lens are in!

Me on the bucking bar, Rob on the gun!

It was strapped down better than it looks!

Picking up the Tail kit (Older photo)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The RV14, like the RV10 has a tail kit that includes parts that go all the way to the cockpit.

It took quite a while to inventory the tail kit.  Many, many pieces here!  Many thanks to my airport neighbor, LL for the help!
Tail kit arrives!

Right wing ready for top skins!
Fluteing ribs.  Easy.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Right leading edge done!
 Big surgery coming up Monday.  Progress will halt for a while on the project.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!
The landing light bay.
Builder self portrait.
Decided to start on the Right Leading edge while awaiting rear spar parts.

Time to fess up.  My biggest mistake of the build so far.  I was on such a roll, I forgot the drawings show only the Left wing components.  Failing to pay enough attention to inverting the image in my mind to the mirror image, I did a beautiful job of riveting the critical doublers at the root backwards!  Not willing to accept drilled out holes in this important component, I ordered a new rear spar, and both doublers from Vans!  Dumb!

Right wing coming along.
Rear spar clecoed on for match drilling.

This one really threw me.  The aileron Jig seemed wrong.  The top skin and the aileron did not line up straight!  Research on Vans Air Force revealed that this IS correct.  The Flaps and Ailerons are reflexed up on this aircraft for reduced drag.  Reminds me of the Maule M7 I used to fly that had "Negative Flaps!"

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prepping right wing ribs begins!  Smooth out the rough edges of the lightening holes...when you will stick your arms through here to buck rivets, you'll be glad you did!
The nutplates are on!

Riveting on the nutplates to the spar flanges.  These will hold on the fuel tank.

Squeeze!  Repeat!  Sure recipe for a sore forearm!

Aileron bell crank hinges are on.  the lower one is designed to hold an autopilot servo.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Countersinking the spar flange so the rivets lay nice and flush.
Started the right wing.  Here I am match drilling the J stiffeners.
What to do with that old Vans spar crate?  Make a stage out of it, so you can get above the work with the drill and countersink cage.  Much easier than holding that heavy drill in front of you face for a couple of hundred holes!
Left aileron bellcrank installed!

Left aileron torque tubes going together.  No,  I did not scratch the powder coating.  That's excess primer that ran out from the inside.  It cleaned up well.

Monday, September 9, 2013

My laser sight makes drilling the rivet holes for the aileron to bell crank pushrod easy.

The Aileron is on!

No more rivets to add!!!

The builder is happy to have the bottom skins done on the Left wing.

It's amazing how far you can reach to buck a  rivet if you have to.

I bucked and riveted every rivet in the lower skins myself!

My arms look like I went a few rounds with a Pit Bull after bucking these rivets.