Monday, December 19, 2016

N147GC is officially an airplane!

Today, Monday 19th of December, our RV-14 was deemed airworthy!!  This journey began almost New Years Day of 2013 and the build has now come to an end.  My father started this build and I know he would be thrilled that we carried out his dream and finished the project. This build would not have happened without lots of help from some wonderful people.  We are very blessed to have the aviation community that allowed us make this dream a reality.  

Stay tuned to the blog for the first flight, slated for next week. 

DAR Bill Wood of Taccoa, GA did the honers.  He and his staff were a pleasure to work with and made the process a breeze.  I`ve been waiting for that piece of paper for a long time!!

The finishing touches were vinyl graphics made by an airpark neighbor.   

The fowler flap of the -14 means it does not rub while it travels.  Placing the "no step" near the leading edge of the flap, it hides under the trailing edge of the wing when the flaps are up...slick!

The story behind the N number.  N147GC has a creative and clever meaning to my family.  "14" is self explanatory, RV-14.  "47G" Is shared between this airplane and the other airplane in our family, a Bücker Jungmann, N1947G.  "GC" Are my fathers initials this plane was his dream and it will carry always bear his initials.  

The Stein Air panel installed in the -14.  I have only been able to fool with the Skyview and Garmin a little bit, we did do the fuel system calibration yesterday as well.
This interior is comfortable to be in, and smells as good as it looks "real leather"!  The seats, stick boots, and arm rests were done by Bennett Akin of Cleveland, GA.  This airplane was a real team effort by folks around this special place.  Carpet will be added later on down the road to help with sound deadening.  I am looking forward to spending many hours in this cockpit exploring this fine country and learning about flying.

Thank you for following the journey, feel free to contact me if you have questions about the build.  I will continue to update this blog with tales of our adventures with N147GC!
Happy building and blue skys! 

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